Marzenna about Juliusz Donajski
Juliusz about Marzenna Furmaniuk-Donajski

Maga Marzenna studied at Fryderyk Chopin Musical Academy in Warsaw, which she graduated in a piano class. She continued musical education at post-graduate studies. She extended her skills at the individual programme of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw as well as post-graduate studies of stage design and various courses abroad. For a few years she practised her skills as a piano teacher and pianist, among others in the Musical Academy and as graphic artist and designer. Finally she engaged in computer art.
Julo Juliusz graduated from film school and for several years worked on films and theatre performances. At the end of the eighties he found an interest in computers and quickly concentrated solely on this area.
"What is the most original and attractive for us in net art is the possibility of starting reciprocal and co-creative communication between the receiver and the artist, which is enabled by the open nature of communcation. Therefore we come across completely new narrative qualities. In an open, interactive work the author indicates its contexts, initial ideas, while the recipient eventually her/himself fills it with content in a more or less controlled by both, although sometimes at all unpredictable way (let us say that it is predictable only in the scope of the undesignatability law)."

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