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The Muzeum Sztuki (Museum of Art) in Lodz is one of the oldest museums of modern art in Europe. Its essnce is the unique International Collection of modern Art. Covering the period from 1920s the collection of world modern art is gathered, the stimulus once given by a group of artists with Wladyslaw Strzeminski - painter, art theoretician, animator of the avant-garde movement, Katarzyna Kobro - sculptress and Henryk Stazewski - painter. Their guiding principle was to create the Interantional Collection of the Contemporary Art.

The original collection included 111 pieces of art and showed on an unprecedented scale, the main trends to the avant-garde movements such as Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism, Purism, and Surrealismrepresented by such artists as Hans Arp, Alexander Cadler, Theo van Doesburg, Max Ernst, Gleizes, Fernard Leger, Louis Marcoussis, Amedee Ozenfant, Pablo Picasso, Enrico Prampoloni, Georfes Vantongerloo and Polish outstanding artists - Maria Nicz-Borowiak, Wanda Chodasiewicz-Grabowska (Nadia Leger), Leon Chwistek, Karol Hiller, Katarzyna Kobro, Henryk Stazewski, Wladyslaw Strzeminski, Mieczyslaw Szczuka, Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz. The Collection was first shown to te publicin 1931 and, in point of act, gave birth to the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz.

Artists themselves established the Museum which was a real issue for its final character. For years works of the world modern art have augmented the museum's colleciton. Its essential part are astists' donations. In 1958 works of Enrico Baj, Robert Matta, Victor Vasarely were included in the collection thanks to Denis Rene's initative. In 1975, Mateusz Grabowski, the art collector from London made a donation of ca. 230 items, among other works by outstanding representatives of English art from 1960s and 1970s. In 1981, Joseph Beuys visited visited Lodz and handed his Archives of ca. 1000 works over to Muzeum Sztuki; the artist called this act and the assemblage itself Polentransport 1981. In 1983 American artists donated their works gathered in the action Exchange entre artistes 1931-1982, Pologne - USA. In 1992 Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz and Musee d'Art Contemporain in Lyon co-operated on exchanging the permanent collections, and in addition special shows and events, for few months.

Years of tedious restauration efforts took to open to the public the Residence "Ksiezy Mlyn" in 1990, which soon became the public's favourite historical venue in Lodz. Preserved photographs of the epoch, documents and whitnesses' account about the estate of Edward Herbst, a well-off factory owner in Lodz, helped to reconstruct the residence structure characteristic in Lodz in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century.

Among the Residence houses is the art gallery for temporary exhibitions of graphic art, drawings and photography. In 1990, the Museum Sztuki was honoured with a prestigious interantional award EUROPA NOSTRA for the reconstruction of the Residence "Ksiezy Mlyn".

In the fall of 1991 was established The Museum Sztuki International Honorary Council joined by twenty personalities as museum directors, as well as artists, architects, scholars and critics from USA, Japan, France, Italy and Poland. The Council supports international cooperations and own activities of the Museum sztuki.

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"Ksiezy Mlyn" Residence and "Ksiezy Mlyn" Gallery
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