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World's First Collaborative Sentence

You are about to participate in a joint-effort contemporary art project
taking place on the World-Wide Web...
When Douglas Davis anounced his project on the Web late 1994,
he invited Internauts from aroun the globe to add their words to the
World's First Collaborative Sentence...
Point your Web browser to the
to add to the Sentence, writing anything you want,
as long or as short as you wish and in any language...
also sounds, video clips and photographs...
"It's like a living thing", said Davis. "It sings and it dances".
[ internet world, May 1995 ]

Douglas Davis World's First Collaborative Sentence...
is a document that lets you contribute anything you can digitize
to a multimedia "sentence" as long as it's not a period...
the unwieldy run-on sentencebegins with photo, contains hypertext links,
is writen in a variety of languages and challenges the average attention span.
[ NEWSWEEK, April 17, 1995 ]

Zapoczatkowane przez amerykanskiego artyste Douglasa Davisa
najdluzsze zdanie na swiecie osiagnelo obecnie objetosc duzej ksiazki
(kilkadziesiat stron maszynopisu). Kazdy z nas moze dopisac
swoje wlasne mysli i refleksje, nie jest wazne, w jakim bedzie to jezyku,
byleby nie zakonczyc zdania kropka, ktorej program nie przyjmie...
[ Gazeta Wyborcza, 1995 ]

You can joint it by writing yourself to the Sentence

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