Wladyslaw Strzeminski 1893-1952

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I. Works by Wladyslaw Strzeminski
A. Book publications
B. Articles, reviews, polemics
C. Leaflet
D. Correspondence, comments, manuscripts
E. Collected works, anthologies, translations

II. Works about Wladyslaw Strzeminski
A. Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, history of art
B. Monographies
C. Life, works, activities - articles, notes, detailed studies

III. Exhibitions
A. Catalogues
B. Reviews, articles, notes

Editor's note

The starting point for this bibliography was the material prepared in 1980 by Dr Zofia Baranowicz from the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Science (unpublished). This initial material was in some cases supplemented and corrected, we also added bibliographical information covering the period of 1980-1993.

The material collected in this way was edited for the purposes of this catalogue in accordance to the rules of classification give below. Bibliographical material about the life and work of Wladyslaw Strzeminski was divided into three elementary groups:

The first one (I) includes texts written by the artist himself, arranged in five parts (A-E), depending on the type of the publication. Part A includes works which were published by the author in a book form. All theoretical articles, reviews and polemics published in Various magazines and newspapers are listed in Part B. In order to facilitate future research work we have listed separately all texts published in the form of leaflets (Part C), which are rarely available even in specialist libraries. Part D groups correspondence, both published and unpublished, as well as other manuscripts known to us. Part E includes the most important collections and translations of texts, apart from exhibition catalogues. In the case of the latter asterisks (*) indicate only those catalogues which present larger selections of reprinted and translated texts or their fragments (see: bibl.III.A.).

The second group (II) includes works which present the life and the work of the artist, arranged in three parts (A-C) according to the degree of their specificity. Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, manuals, and synthetic presentations of the twentieth century art, in which the work of the artist is mentioned, are grouped in Part A. Part B includes only monographic works, although full, complete monograpy is still to be written. Part C of the bibliography includes a wide selection of texts dedicated to the life of the artist and to selected, often Very specific problems of his work: artistic, theoretical, educational, editorial, social, organizational. It includes texts published in Various periodicals, collective works, books and catalogues. It should be stressed here however that in some cases the grouping of the texts was done according to the significance of the problem discussed, and not to the character of the publication (especially in the case of the relationship general works - specialized works).

The third group (III) deals directly with exhibitions of the artist's works. In Part A we present the list of all the catalogues of the exhibitions which included Strzeminski's works up till 1993 incl. The last part (Part B) lists reviews, notes, and similar publications, which in the case of no other sources (no catalogues) inform us about the artist's participation in several exhibitions, especially in the pre-war and some post-war ones organized in Wladyslaw Strzeminski's lifetime. This last group of our bibliography supplements the list of exhibitions presented in this catalogue (p.244). Careful readers will notice its close links with the big section of this publication, namely the catalogue of the artist's works. The bibliography includes works published till mid 1993. It is arranged chronologically according to the date of publication or alphabetically if the texts were published in the same year.

Strzeminski's Table of Contents - Bibliography

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